KF SSI Education is not here to teach in an old fashioned way but to guide and enlighten its students for them to learn and then teach and inspire others around the globe. Humanity needs to educate itself about the universal knowledge in its totality.

About Us

KF SSI Education in 18 Languages

Through plasma science and technology, humanity may finally learn about the reality of the world of creation finding answers even for things previously unexplainable. Humanity must also learn about the ethos of Universal Community, why we are here, what is our purpose and how humankind shall comprehend the real value of peace, implement and maintain it on planet Earth first, and afterward, live in peace anywhere in space. The ethical conduct must become natural for humanity as the only way of conduct. Peace will come by a sincere wish of the majority living peace in every aspect of their lives. Peace will come when the critical mass decides and applies it in their lives.

The introduction of plasma science and technology will renovate and enhance most sectors of science and technology, advance them to new heights. New attitudes and understanding will be applied reducing unethical or wrong behavior that is unacceptable to the ethos of Universal Community. For example, killing in computer games shall be replaced by healing as many as possible by elevating their souls, teaching gaming communities that peace is better than wars, creating is better than destroying and that life in outer space is not necessarily violent.

With these intentions, KF SSI Education is delivering multiple study programs in two forms: public and private teachings in all the languages spoken on our planet. Since country borders are meaningless, language remains the last barrier to sharing the knowledge and as such with the strong will and hard work of volunteers writing original subtitles and translations nothing stops spreading among different language speaking communities.
How to join

How to join

Sign World Peace Treaty and start learning the universal knowledge about creation, understand your emotions and other interactions of fields we are all composed of while living in the soup of fields embracing us. It may bring a new sense to your life.
If you were ever asking yourself who are we, what is our actual source and identity, why here and what is the purpose of our lives then you more than wish to join our efforts to learn, utilize and spread the Keshe plasma science and technology around the globe, right?
Who does not want to advance and find out more?
Who does not want to discover more?
Who wants to live meaningless life?
Who does not want the prosperity and better life?

Public Teachings

1. Arabic (ara,ar)
2. Bulgarian (bul,bg)
3. Chinese (chi,zh)
4. Dutch (dut,nl)
5. English (eng,en)
6. French (fre,fr)
7. German (ger,de)
9. Italian (ita,it)
13. Polish (pol,pl)
15. Spanish (esp,es)
16. Tagalog (tgl,tl)
17. Turkish (tur,tr)

Private Teachings

1. English (eng,en)
2. French (fre,fr)
3. German (ger,de)
4. Italian (ita,it)
6. Polish (pol,pl)

The primary goals of KF SSI Education are:

  • bringing peace to humanity by humanity on Earth,
  • preparing humanity for joining the Universal Community,
  • learning all aspects of deep space travel in any shape or form.

Our Study Program

All teachings will be held in an open learning environment, where every individual becomes part of the teaching process. No one is considered to be higher in knowledge than anybody else in Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute. It is important that all the individuals from the beginning on become aware of other disciplines outside their fields of expertise and use them complementary. Each student will hold regular teaching programs through mediums like distance learning systems, or conference calls back to their nation of birth or residence, to teach and share the gained knowledge with other people and scientists. The students should become teachers of the larger group in their country and a link between the Keshe Foundation and their nation.
Program Content

Program Content

During education process, knowledge seekers of Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute shall gain the basic understanding of Universal Plasma principles and topics explained by MT Keshe in his first three published books.


MT Keshe will train the first Humans in Space, using Plasma Technology! The passengers of this Man Originated Zone Habitation And Nutrition to be known as “MOZHAN”.


Apply at any time of the year, donate 100 € here and gain access to all LIVE Private Teachings plus teaching recordings uploaded up to the end of calendar year.

All donations are non-refundable.
Medical Teachings

Medical Teachings

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI) now has a new private weekly teaching available for medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians. 
Body - Emotion - Soul.
Online Teachings

Online Teachings

Each student will hold regular teaching programs through mediums like distance learning systems, or conference calls back to their nation of birth or residence, to teach and share the gained knowledge with other people and scientists.
Agriculture Teachings

Agriculture Teachings

The Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute (KFSSI) now has a new private weekly teaching available for agriculture. You can participate LIVE or watch the recoding.


Would you help in spreading the knowledge, to get assigned to selected recording for delivering subtitles or to translate existing subtitles to your language? Write to subtitles(at)kfssi.org, and we'll see how we can work together.
Public or Private

Public or Private

Public teachings are available to everyone. Private teachings are available only to students with an active student status. You can participate LIVE or watch the recoding.

How do you feel about this mission?

Want to be part of it? Want to help to spread the knowledge?
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Research Programs & International Projects

Research work at the Institute is conducted by the Institute laboratory, as well as by program and research groups. The laboratory performs its research within programs and projects funded by the Institute itself, as well as by agencies and industry companies in different parts of the world.

In 2014, the Institute in cooperation with the Keshe Foundation participated in 5 projects: 3 projects of the decontamination program, 1 project of the health program, 1 project of material development and testing program.

Industrial Cooperation

The KF Spaceship Institute is developing various forms of R&D cooperation with industrial companies. Project-based cooperation is facilitated by demands and plans from companies of different industrial sectors who see usage of MAGRAVS Plasma Technology as an opportunity for new developent in their line of work. The Institute is open to any new ideas, funding, and the implementation of market projects where MAGRAVS Plasma Technology can be used as an advantage in comparison to other industrial technology. Most projects last for at least one year, but some have a duration of only a few months, while others continue for several years. Project work in conjunction with industry is an important source of income for the Institute.

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The Requirements for Your Participation in a Study Program

An application process requires from a student:

  • to submit a Student Application Form at STUDY > APPLY
  • to send a minimum donation as published under STUDY > PROGRAM
  • to cooperate with our Security Team and provide any additional information requested
  • to print, sign and send back a scanned Student Participation Agreement (received during the process or after your application is PASSED by our Security Team)

After everything is done, you will receive two user accounts credentials:

  • one for ZOOM to participate in live private and public teachings
  • one for our education website with teachings recordings
Your student status will be active until the end of the current year (YYYY-12-31). Once your status expires:
  • ZOOM account will be disabled
  • education website account will remain enabled, but you will see only recordings uploaded until YYYY-12-31
You may decide to renew your status for another year and send another minimum yearly donation.

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Start Teaching under KF SSI Education

KF SSI Education gives a technical platform for every language: ZOOM Meeting ID, cloud recording, automatic transfers to education website, uploads of Public Teachings to official YouTube channel.

First, every teacher needs to be an active student of KF SSI Education for some time. You may be learning from public teachings for a long time but become an active student of KF SSI Education, and this way let us know about your understanding and how would you spread the knowledge in your language around the globe. Anyone who feels to be ready to teach others in any of the languages, please contact us at education(a)kfssi.org to apply as a teacher and agree on the schedule and topic(s).

All teachings are recorded to the cloud and afterward transferred to the education site for studies at home or wherever you reside at the moment. All public teachings are also uploaded to our YouTube channel http://youtube.com/c/KesheFoundationOrg.
In an online classroom, the teacher can be even alone recording his/her teaching to be watched later by students when they find their time. Language may start with only one hour per week, and then teaching activities get expanded gradually.

If teaching in particular language does not overlap with an existing schedule of other languages, this gives the student an opportunity to participate live in more classes. We are working on delivering live teachings at the time convenient for any time-zone in the world. Join us in our endeavor!

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Account Name: Stichting The Keshe Foundation
Account Number/IBAN: NL66ABNA0486367169

Bank: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Bank's Address:
Postal Code: 1082 PP
URL: http://www.abnamro.com

Beneficiary's Address:
Name: Stichting The Keshe Foundation
Street: Jubileumplein 3
Postal code: NL-6161 SR
City: Geleen
Country: Netherlands


People around the globe benefit from Keshe plasma science and technology in many ways.

You learned something new from the knowledge brought by Mr. Keshe through Keshe Foundation, Spaceship Institute or KF SSI Education. You start understanding how the self-sustainable plasma works in the world of creation and how plasma operates in the Universe where giving means receiving because frankly without giving there is no receiving possible. Especially, if you also benefited financially, is it time to give something back to Keshe Foundation for others to receive more?

DONATE to KF's bank account below as much as you feel it would be the right thing to do. Money is not everything, but it exists in this realm on planet Earth. You are free. Donate in all forms possible. It is up to you and your soul how you contribute establishing the right balance. Keshe Foundation will keep on giving back to humanity. More you GIVE, more you can RECEIVE. If you wish, specify through appropriate reference text field what is your donation for:

  • KF global operations
  • Space center in Ghana
  • KF SSI Education
  • ...your wish

Remember these words, spread them around when people ask how to contribute with donations: go here
More options to receive donations will be added later on as they become available. All donations are non-refundable.

"We teach the man that man cannot be abused due to the lack of understanding."

Mehran T. Keshe
Director of the Keshe Foundation

M.T. Keshe


The Universal Order Of Creation Of Matters
Book 1

BOOK 1 The Universal Order of Creation of MATTERS

The Structure Of The Light
Book 2

BOOK 2 The Structure of the Light

The Origin Of The Universe
Book 3

BOOK 3 The Origin of the Universe