Monday to Friday
AM and PM Sessions

1st Trimester 2020-01-14 .to 2020-04-03 (12 weeks)
Easter Holidays 2020-04-04 to 2020-05-03 (4 weeks)
2nd Trimester 2020-05-04 to 2020-07-24 (12 weeks)
Summer Holidays 2020-07-25 to 2020-09-20 (8 weeks)
3rd Trimester 2020-09-21 to 2020-12-11 (12 weeks)
Winter Holidays 2020-12-12 to 2021-01-11 (5 weeks)
*You can apply anytime during the school year.

How to become our Student

Follow the simple steps below and become KF SSI Student!

Sign the World Peace Treaty

Lay down the acts of agression.
Start living in peace, respecting all beings that surround you. 

Application Form

Submit the student application form for the security background check. 
Please upload with the application one Identification Document (ID with Photo) and one recent Utility Bill. 


Apply at any time of the year, donate 100 € to the account below and gain access to all LIVE Private Teachings plus teaching recordings uploaded up to the end of the current year (YYYY-12-31). All donations are non-refundable. 

Sign the Student Participation Agreement

Print, sign and send back a scanned Student Participation Agreement (received during the process or after your application is PASSED by our Security Team).

Learn about the Ethos and Plasma Science

Acquire the knowledge to become self-sustainable in every condition. 

Do your own experiments and create from your soul. 

Share the Knowledge

Sharing the recordings provided by the Education Site for you as a student is not allowed. However you can apply the plasma science and technology in your day by day life and teach by your own understanding everyone around you.

Join the Universal Community

Live your life according to the universal law. 
Acknowledge that any action will affect the beings around you. Live your life in peace and harmony, do not harm any living being. 

Our Private Teachings Study Program

Plasma Science and Technology

During education process, knowledge seekers of Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute shall gain the basic understanding of Universal plasma principles and topics explained by MT Keshe in his first three published books:

  • "The Universal Order of Creation of Matters”
  • “The Structure of the Light”
  • “The Origin of the Universe”

Besides basic understanding, knowledge gained by Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute technology entails

  • Space motion using MAGRAVS (gravitational and magnetic) systems
  • Production of energy by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Production of air and food by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Production and the use of materials obtained by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Production and the use of health systems by the use of MAGRAVS systems
  • Nanotechnology and ICT (Information Communication Technology) development with understanding of MAGRAVS principles
  • Production of MAGRAVS systems for environmental decontamination
  • Development and production of MAGRAVS systems for applications in agriculture
  • New discoveries and innovations brought by you or KF SSI Innovations Centers around the world

Private and public teachings are recorded and published on the education site available for download and offline viewing as well.

Monday to Friday, AM and PM Sessions, Central European Time, you can login to your given student account and participate to the online classes or watch the recordings later, at your convenience.


Our Private Language Workshops

Take a look to our awesome workshops and find the one in your language.

Private Teachings in English
When: Schedule is received by students with active status in Weekly Updates.
Zoom ID 676-264-442
Private Teachings in French
Enseignements publics en français
When:Wednesday, 7:30 PM CET
Zoom ID 586-877-477
Private Teachings in German
Öffentliche Schulungen in Deutsch
When: Tuesday, 7:30 PM CET
Zoom ID 232-372-353
Private Teachings in Italian
Insegnamenti pubblici in Italiano
When: To be announced
Zoom ID 349-350-707
Private Teachings in Norwegian
Offentlige læresetninger i Norsk
When: Tuesday, 7:00 PM CET
Zoom ID 106-926-428
Public Teachings in Polish
Nauki publiczne w języku Polskim
When:Sunday, 10:00 AM CET
Zoom ID 949-559-976
Public Teachings in Portuguese
Ensinamentos privadas em Português
When:Day, HH:MM AM CET
Zoom ID 912-197-636

Your language is not on the list? We are searching for teachers to start teaching!

Please contact us if you would like to spread this knowledge to your community. It usually starts with 1 hour per week and grows as community grows and brings new teachers in.