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BOOK 1 The Universal Order of Creation Of Matters
BOOK 2 The Structure of the Light
BOOK 3 The Origin of the Universe





There are a number of unfinished articles that are to be converted to full disclosures when completed, like Anti-Matter, Nano space technology, relation between the creator and the created, space communication system, deep space defence technology, dynamic magnetic field force regions (wormholes) construction and control and so on. Some of these works have already been published through different channels and some have not yet been released. In the following section some of the works done by the same author are mentioned, with a brief disclosure of their contents.

The universal order of creation
(release date: 5.7.2006) - REF 9

In this disclosure the main construction principles and the method of the link and control in the universal order of the existence of living cells, like the function and operational method of  any matter based on so called proteins chains, as for example in human cell are explained in detail.The author considers this paper as one of his most important and fundamental works to be published and to be added to the sets of disclosures written by him.

Cosmic Rays
(release date: 24.3.2004) - REF 10

This paper explains the source and the origin of cosmic rays and the way these work within our cosmos, their function and their benefits.

The Airborne reactor
(release date: 25.3.2004) - REF 11

This paper covers the total design of airborne reactors for space technology. This covers all aspects of operation, design and control of such reactors.

The seed of the Earth
(release date: 25.3.2004) - REF 12

Some extracts from this paper:The theory that the heat of the core of the Earth is due to inertia of the material pilled on top of each other is completely dismissed through this new disclosure.The author M T Keshe believes that this centre core is made of hydrogen, other gases and a mixture of liquid and solid Matters which were in the vicinity of the centre of the core of the Earth at the time of its inception in the solar system.Through this new understanding of the new inner cores of the planet, this brings to play the fact that the old inner core of the Earth that is already assumed to be made of a solid piece, itself becomes a sealed container for the new inner core.The author through design of a parallel system has set to confirm the validity of this assumption, that the centre of the Earth possesses a semi- fusion atomic reactor and not a fission reactor as has been assumed by other scientists.This theory of hydrogen in the centre of the planet is in line with the physical reality of the creation and the present situation in the physical construction of the solar system.By the laws of physics all the gases in the solar system should have been in the giant gas planets at the outer layers of the solar system, like in Jupiter and Saturn.The physical reality in the solar system, is that the lightest of all these gasses, the Hydrogen, has taken its place right in the centre of the solar system in its star, the Sun.It has to be recognised that the centre of all planets in possession of gravity due to the centre cores heating, are always in possession of two Magnetic Field Forces in their inner sanctum (M T Keshe " The creation of gravity").In the case of the Earth up to now and with the present knowledge there has been acceptance of only one inner core and one magnetic force.As it is explained in the paper titled "the creation of gravity", there is an inner core in the inner core. This inner core, due to it physical content, motion and position in the centre of the Earth, creates and maintains its own magnetic field force, independent of the magnetic force which has been known to be created by the interaction of the inner core and the outer core of the planet.These two magnetic fields interact to create the planet's own double magnetic fields in its centre. The interaction of these two magnetic fields forces upon each other leads to the new concept of the "DOUBLE MAGNETIC FIELD EFFECT", where the interaction between these two field forces in the centre of the planet leads to the creation of the gravity and the magnetic forces of the planet (Paper: The creation of gravity).This new second core is the seed core of the planet, the mother seed of the planet positioned in this new inner core. 

The creation of Black Hole
(release date: 25.3.2004) - REF 13

In this paper it is explained that the Black Hole is created out of a natural sequence of events, and that the existence of the Black Hole in a galaxy is a normal event. Further it is explained that a Black hole is created in similar ways to the Dark Spots on the surface of the Sun. In this paper for the first time, it is explained how the Black Hole is physically created and what function it plays in its galaxy.

(release date: 9.6.2004) - REF 14

"The shape and the strength of the magnetosphere of a planet is exactly what a fingerprint is to a man. It is unique to each planet, star and galaxy. It is a tell tale of all its attributes, and it reveals the hidden mysteries of the internal materials’ structure". 

Correction to the Einstein equation of Relativity
(release date: 15.6.2004) - REF 15

In this paper the physical reality of the Einstein equation is considered, and efforts are made to bring this equation to the real conditions. Even Einstein considers this equation applicable for very small mass, and not in real three dimensional multi-magnetic and gravitational conditions, which are external and have nothing to do with the theoretical object's mass and speed, but have effect on the speed and the mass of the object under consideration. 

Introduction to the new system
(release date: 2.7.2004) - REF 16

In this paper it is written "It is essential to understand that, with the application of this system of motion, one can not bring in to play the solid, liquid and gas fuel method to create motion, as is used today. What is offered in this system is in simple words a fully integrated plasmatic magnetic energy system. Which creates within and around the core environmental conditions as known to man in the universe, like creation of gravity and magnetic field protection the same as the magnetospheric protection condition of planets and motion through interaction of magnetic fields as planets and stars do in their given environment". 

The rings of Saturn
(release date: 2.7.2004) - REF 17

One of the oldest puzzles in the world of astronomy has been the existence of the rings around Saturn. How did these rings come to exist the way they are now? How did they come to appear and behave the way they do? These questions and much more about the creation of these rings are all answered in this paper. 

The creation of gravity
(release date: 11.7.2004) - REF 18

In this paper it is explained that "the source and the creator of the magnetic forces and the gravitational forces are due to the interaction between the same materials in the same region of the planet."Further it is explained how the gravitational field force can be created, replicated and controlled within a nuclear reactor. Further it is explained how this property can be used for the motion of a system within a planetary or solar system.Now by understanding the principal of the creation of gravity, in this paper it is further explained that "the gravity in reality is the effect of the interaction of two plasmatic magnetic energy fields of any two object in respect to each other." 

Death of a star
(release date: 26.7.2004) - REF 19

In this paper the death of stars is explained, "The death of a star and the creation of a supernova is in reality the same as the half-life cycle energy step-down of an atom. With the difference that this show is in a larger scale, and more spectacular, in all aspects of its dimensions". 

(release date: 28.7.2004) - REF 20

In this paper the physical and scientific problems with present fusion technology is considered. Where it is written, "nuclear Scientists, with the fusion reactors of today, are trying to create fusion in the opposite way to the known laws of physics and their parallels in the universe”. Further in this paper it is written "if the present path for creation of fusion is followed, with the present scientific knowledge of physical materials for construction of such system, then following the present path of development to create energy from current fusion systems will be a distant dream".

Life of a Cell
(release date 28.11.2004) - REF 21

Some extracts from this paper: "The reality of the transportation and transmutation of a cell is not far from the reality of the life of an atom or a star. Where the life cycle of the cells are slightly more complicated, as they contain other Matters like acids, which have their own magnetic characteristic of their on chemical structure. For this reason the control and replication of the energy of the cell is very much complex, but very simple to achieve". 

The Atom
(release date 19.12.2004) - REF 22

The content of this paper explains how and where atoms in the universe are originated from and how the construction of atoms in a cold plasmatic nuclear reactor can be replicated. 

(release date 8.1.2005) - REF 23

In this paper it is written, "The question is where did the Magnetism come from? This is the Secret of creation. The world is made of one thing and only one thing and that is Magnetism. Its combination and interaction with its own different strength fields makes it appear as different Matter. The rest of creations are the outcome of these interactions of different strength of this thing called magnetism and the forces it creates. Magnetism is the origin of existence and the real singularity in its full meaning". 

The creation of the magneto-gravitational force
(release date 5.2.2005) - REF 24

The creation of magneto-gravitational field force is and will be fundamentally independent of temperature and pressure, proviso to the fact that as long as a homogenous free floating PMF within a Matter is created. 

The core of the Earth
(release date 20.4.2005) - REF 25

One of the original assumptions in developing the new gravitational system some thirty years ago by M.T. Keshe was on the basis that the centre of the Earth possesses addition cores, which create the necessary gravitational conditions of the planet. After some twenty years of space technology and through Earthquake seismological data's this assumption has been shown to be correct and after over twenty years, it has been scientifically proven that the inner core of the Earth has an inner core of 600 km. Professor Guy Master in 2002 ref 24 nuclear planet. The centre of this core is assumed to have an inner core of 8 Km, this he thought to be made of the plutonium or other nuclear materials. But the developer of this new plasma reactor technology has proven through physical dynamic cores that these cores possess a mixture of hydrogen plasmas and the process of the heating of the centre of the Earth are due to a semi-fusion chain of events. 

The electron-atomic welding
(release date 3.5.2005) - REF 26
Some extracts from this paper: "The electron atomic welding or atomic welding principle is the phenomenon that atoms of the same material, through a common shared electron, become a magnetically balanced molecule of the same Matter, with the difference that the shared electron will create a balanced PMF in the molecule".

Shutdown and safety of the reactor core
(release date 6.6.2005) - REF 27

In this paper the safety parameters in the operation of the gravitational and energy reactors are simply explained to avoid the loss of plasma and gravitational field forces created within its cores. 

Reactor Start-up
(release date 9.6.2005) - REF 28

In this paper the systematic start-up of the dynamic reactors for the creation of gravitational field forces and the production of energy are set out. The start up of these systems are totally different then the prior arts known in the nuclear industry.

 The energy balance of the reactor
(release date 29.6.2005) - REF 29

Some extracts from this paper: The energy balance of these types of reactors is not as simple as might look in the first instance. The energy creation is simple. But the heat leakage and dissipation through the deliberate inherent material design are and can be zero. That is to say the system not only can hold on the heat it creates. At the same time due to the close circuit feed operation will become self-sufficient but long lasting.

In planets, the loss of heat through their surface creates the variation in the central core condition over several billions of years. In this reactor as losses can be literally negligible, the system can operate at low energy loss temperatures. Even the boundary of the body could be made through the right combination of material in the chambers, so that the body of the reactor will be colder then its surrounding boundary. So the system will not only lose energy to its surrounding, but it can be made to absorb heat in the negative temperature gradient from its surrounding, so that there are no losses. 

Nuclear decay or half-life
(release date 20.7.2005) - REF 30

Some extracts from this paper: "The nuclear decay always has the same or near the same time duration. This is due to the fact that the all neutrons and protons, from their inception, carry a predetermined level of plasmatic magnetic energy. This energy is continually used for the motion and vibration of different elements of the nucleus in respect to each other and the surrounding Matters of the atom. As the space and dimensions of a nucleus of an atom always obeys the same principal of the magnetic separation and magnetic attraction. Protons or neutrons can and will need to use or consume the same energy before they become weak enough that the splitting or decay becomes a clockwork job. The nuclear decay is the natural levelling done of a nucleus’ energy, due to the energy consumption and heat dissipation for the motion of the elements of the nucleus for its remaining plasmatic magnetic fields energy necessarily needed for them to hold one together". 

The decontamination system
(release date 10.10.2005) - REF 31

"What this means is that, for example in trying to recycle the CO2, by the use of the right Matter in one of the cores of the reactor, the system will then use the O2 to produce H2O, in the form of pure water, and C in the form of atomic or molecular carbon, or even by feeding this back through certain operational compressions and gravitational interactions within a small core, to create industrial diamond or graphite, for different industries." The use of the reactor for this purpose has been proven to be correct and Raman spectroscopy has proven the concept and physical reality of the separation of Matter in atomic level after separation in the same system from a composite Matter. (See the graphene on the technology web site). 

The difference in atomic and molecular structure under gravitational force and pressurised conditions
(release date 15.8.2005) - REF 32

In this paper is written that "the atomic and molecular structure of Matter is totally aligned and positioned in a fundamentally different configuration where it has come together due to gravitational forces, than when Matter has been brought together by the means of pressure. This has a fundamental effect on the behaviour of the structure and properties of the Matter which is created in either way". Where this is explained and utilised to develop a new method in creating graphene and Sp3 atoms and walls in a simple core made of a coca- cola bottle. 

The Defence and shielding system
(release date 4.9.2005) - REF 33
Some extracts from this paper: The design of the side open system for lunch of high saturation magnetic plasma package is one of the most effective technologies for defence of the reactor and the craft which is in possession of such a system. It is essential for any space technology in the open environment of the universe, if the craft is to keep a straight line of motion and to be able to protect itself from any solids or Matters in its path in the cosmos. This technology can destroy any object by the principal of plasmatic magnetic energy saturation of the incoming object at a molecular level, that object will disintegrate in the form of magnetic vapour and not atomic level destruction, before Matter can damage the craft as debris, and before the craft ever becomes in touch or near these space Matters. This technology can also be used to protect Earth from the collision risk of NEO's (Near Earth Objects), like comets and asteroids.
Method of creation of an atom or nano Matter
(release date 11.10.2005) - REF 34

The manufacture of an atom of any density, this being of the simplest form of nucleus or a full atom of hydrogen, or even heavier elements in the universe, all follow the same principal. Atoms are created in the soup of the cosmos from collections of very weak plasmatic magnetic fields, which for their existence cluster and share their energies with the magnetic fields that are not far from their own plasmatic magnetic field strength. 

The relationship between Gravity and Mass
(release date 21.1.2006) - REF 35

Some extracts from this paper: "A planet like Earth possesses a combination of both gravity and inertia. Where the gravity comes from the interaction of plasmatic magnetic energy fields from the processes within its core, and the inertia comes purely from the collection molecules PMF of Matters which has built the physical body of the planet. Any object, being an electron, atom, molecule or even a human body, is a collection of plasmatic magnetic energy fields of different strengths and their interactions between each other, which in total decides the total or collective magnetic field possessed by that object where this is the mass of the object. Where the mass of an object is a collective package of plasmatic magnetic energy field tightness of a given object and will not change as long as the object is intact as one entity in its overall atomic or molecular or collective molecular appearance. Which plasmatic magnetic energy of a physical body ( so called the mass of the body) in interaction with molecular or atomic magnetic field ( this being gravitational or inertia) of another object will determine the weight of the two object in respect to each other in each others environment".

The Dark Matter - The Fifth state of Matter
(release date 21.1.2006) - REF 36

Some extracts from this paper: The existence of Dark Matter is not questionable. Proving its existence, and its effect on the energy balance of the universe, in all Matters as small as in the heart of an electron or in a solar system needs to be created, replicated and its effect measured. The theory of Dark Matter does not and needs not to be considered as complicated, if one understands in real terms the plasmatic magnetic energy of the Matter in the visible and invisible dimensions of the universal work. The Dark Matter has two distinctive characteristics, which makes it totally apart from the visible Matter. The Dark Matter possess mass but not visible light, where its existence can only be determined by the weight of the its hidden mass, which could be substantial due to its internal gravitational field.

The inter-atomic fusion
(release date 3.5.2006) - REF 37

Some extracts from this paper: "The fusion of two or more atoms has been the pre-occupation of nuclear physicists for past years. Conditions to achieve fusion of two hydrogen plasmas in the TOKAMAK reactors have taken years to teach scientists a lot about the behaviour of plasma and their fusing. The reality about the fusion in someway has to be reconsidered as, if the scientific world is trying to amalgamate the contents of two plasmas to release energy. There must be a simpler way to achieve releases of similar energies. The fundamental principal of the inter-atomic fusion is a much simpler way to achieve fusion. If this principal is applied to the atomic condition of fusion, then fusion will be attained in a simple but in a much more physically realistic environment. The explanation for the inter- atomic fusion is very simple and direct. In the fusion of two plasma of proton of hydrogen atom, the physicists try to fuse two large plasmas, and by doing so, they try to release a large amount of energy. Where in this process enormous amount of magnetic field forces and currents are needed to bring two plasma in close proximity, so that the energy barriers in between them can be overcome for them to amalgamate or fuse. In the inter-atomic fusion the overcoming of energy barriers does not exist, as in this method of fusion, the electron of the atom which is circulating the nucleus of the atom and is of the same origin will be encouraged to return into and fuse with the nucleus of its atom". Where this is a more practical way to create and release manageable energies and there is no need for elaborate systems where even if the energy release will be small compared to dreamed up fusion systems of today. With inter-atomic fusion method at least small and practical systems can be developed to handle low temperatures of the fusion process. 

The conductivity of the Matter in the vacuum of the interplanetary mediums
(release date 21.1.2006) - REF 38

Some extracts from this short paper: "Therefore plasmatic magnetic energy field of elements within the interplanetary medium will cover the space given to them in their environment. Where due to their motion and their electric charges even in eV levels, they become perfect conductor, and in turn, due to their motion on their environment, they become plasmatic electromagnetic generators. 

The production of Graphene
(release date 25.7.2006) - REF 39

Repeated experiments and tests in simple static reactors, and tests in more complex dynamic reactors, prove that atomic separation and recombination of Matter like carbon and hydrogen can be reached at room temperature and at atmospheric conditions. We have now indications - through static and dynamic tests in our reactors - that the universe was made in normal condition, which was originally nothing but packages of plasmatic magnetic fields of different strength, which were themselves nothing but areas of plasma or collections of loose magnetic fields energies. Where magnetic fields of different strength in locking to each other, by the principle of their plasmatic magnetic energy (PME), have caused in the first stage the creation of fundamental particles, secondly atoms, then molecules and then Matter, clouds and asteroids and then stars and galaxy's". The big bang theory conditions have no room in the reality of the creation of the universe.

Direct absorption of carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 gases from the environment and their conversion into nano solution and nano solid matters and production of energy and oxygen by the use of nano compound at ambient temperature and pressure.

Direct absorption of carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 gases from the environment and their conversion into nano solution and nano solid matters and production of energy and oxygen by the use of nano compound at ambient temperature and pressure.
(release date 06.01.2010) - REF 40

In this paper, results of processes will be introduced for the absorption of carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 gases direct from environment and their conversion into nano materials of the same suspended in solution or dried as powder. Where, concurrently within the processes of extraction of these gases in a simple reactor, we have managed to produce energy and oxygen.

The unifying field theory
(release date 28.10.2009) - REF 41

In this paper the origin of electromagnetic fields and how they are created within the existence of the other magnetic fields are simply explained.