Our mission is to bring peace on Earth and join humanity with the Universal Community.

We want to bring man as equal to all the beings in the Universe, by teaching the Plasma Science and Technology equally to every one that no one is left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge.

Help us achieve this goal!

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Volunteer for the Keshe Foundation. 

You can help humanity by joining us to build the subtitles database for the teachings. 
You can help humanity by joining us to translate the subtitles, the books and articles in all the languages of the world and deliver them to humanity. 
You can help humanity by joining us to represent the Plasma Science and Technology through the graphics and animations which are easier to grasp for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. 

Your skills are needed! Volunteer Now!


People around the globe benefit from Keshe plasma science and technology in many ways. 

You learned something new from the knowledge brought by Mr. Keshe through Keshe Foundation, Spaceship Institute or KF SSI Education. You start understanding how the self-sustainable plasma works in the world of creation and how plasma operates in the Universe where giving means receiving because frankly without giving there is no receiving possible. Especially, if you also benefited financially, is it time to give something back to Keshe Foundation for others to receive more?

DONATE to KF's bank account below as much as you feel it would be the right thing to do. Money is not everything, but it exists in this realm on planet Earth.  

You are free. Donate in all forms possible. It is up to you and your soul how you contribute establishing the right balance. 

Keshe Foundation will keep on giving back to humanity. 

More you GIVE, more you can RECEIVE.

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  • KF global operations
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Remember these words, spread them around when people ask how to contribute with money donations: 
go to keshefoundation dot org slash donate

More options to receive donations will be added later on as they become available. 

All donations are non-refundable.