The first Humans in Space, using Plasma Technology!

This method of travel using plasmatic Magravs protection for motion for the future space systems is to be called the Magnetically Originated Joint Habitation And Nutrition (MOJHAN) system.

The passengers of this Man Originated Zone Habitation And Nutrition to be known as “MOZHAN”.

These new names unify the human race by the use of the name of the technology and the method of its travel, through the Men’s collective effort to reach this point of scientific achievement over thousands of years, through their progressive evolution in science and technology. This takes away the national dependent names, like Cosmo- or Astro- and the rest from the unique and individual nations, for the collective effort and contribution by all of the inhabitants of the planet in different measures over the times to reach this point in Mans scientific evolution.

Here we are currently working on something awesome. Stay tuned!

Matter propulsion technology

The present matter propulsion systems in burning fuels have to fight and to overcome Magravs of the planet for lift and motion. This we see in the rocket propulsion space technology of today. 

In the matter systems, like the propulsions systems, power stations and cars use the fundamental principles of burning matter to release its energy and convert this energy from one form to another to create motion and energy. This technology has always delivered limited energy, and due to its bulkiness of mass and weight of the fuel that have to be carried by systems to achieve their objectives, these systems are payload dependent. 

The matter system uses the Matter part of plasma, the weakest and least energetic part of the plasma. By their nature as has been seen in the past, matter systems create different type of waste, like CO2, nuclear waste, and so on.


Plasma technology

The Matters Magravs system uses the properties of the all Matters in the plasma to create motion, lift and energy without destroying the characteristic of the Matters, and the system works within and through the Magnetic field and gravitational field of its environment to attain position and motion, one can achieve more working within than fighting against the Magravs of the planet. 

These reactor systems are developed to function in the same way as the interaction of the initial fundamental particles leads to the creation of Magravs for the motion of Matters through the Magravs positioning principle in the universe. 

In the Universal systems like stars, their Magravs forces are fixed by their initial matters’ contents in their inner cores at the point of the inception of the star, and the magnetic fields strength they generate for the production of their Magravs strength, once the strength of the Magravs is set for the stars, these cannot be changed arbitrarily to achieve different Magravs strengths for the stars.


Magnetically Originated Joint Habitation and Nutrition Systems (Mojhans)

For future passengers in the spacecraft that use our magnetic and gravitational systems there will be no need for outdated weightlessness training, which has become the hallmark of the space technology of today, just because the nations presently developing space travel did not and do not understand how gravity is created. Why should other nations follow the same path because of past lack of knowledge? Since the operation of these new systems is exactly similar to the operation of planet Earth, they create gravitational force fields that are similar to conditions on Earth. Thus in these new craft one will travel as in the jetliners of today. One does not need to teach people how to walk on board a jetliner or on the Earth, and they will have no problem walking with the new gravitational technology we have developed.

Our new space technology is based on understanding how to create gravitational and magnetic fields similar to Earth’s magnetic fields. We use gravitational and magnetic force fields to obtain lift and motion, the same forces that keep Earth moving through the solar system. No one has seen wings or jet engines on planet Earth, but it has been in motion for billions of years around its axis and in its solar orbit.


To attain lift and motion and create an Earth-like environment within the gravitational force field of these new spacecraft, the reactor in the craft creates internal magnetic and gravitational force fields that permit movement, and Earth-like habitation zones for living and growing food. Thus the term Mojhans (Magnetically Originated Joint Habitation and Nutrition Systems) is used for these types of craft, which make use of the real source of motion and life in the universe, the magnetic fields. The space passengers of the new technology will be identified as one entity, the race of Man, so the title of MOZHANS (Man Originated Zone Habitation And Nutrition) will be the fitting and unifying name for the passengers of the Mojhans craft.

Thus the Mojhans craft will obtain lift and motion and at the same time create an Earth-like environment for living and growing what people need for their existence in deep space, through the natural principles of the universal order of creation and not the wind and fire systems as designed on Earth.

Now that the human race has attained this new knowledge and can travel into deep space as one entity, the national identity of astronauts and cosmonauts has no meaning. In deep space the travelers from planet Earth will have one origin, called the human race, and one day they will be able to exist in an environment that they can tolerate with conditions similar to Earth.

The shape of any craft built on the basis of the universal order of creation has to copy the other objects in the universe such as the Earth or the Sun and be spherical. We do not see in space planets or stars that are cylindrical or any other shape, and that have at the same time both magnetic and gravitational force fields. In fact through the principle of magnetic field connection, all celestial bodies that have gravitational and magnetic fields are spherical in shape.

At the same time these objects in the universe are always spherically balanced due to the circular motion of their contents, which gives the system a spherical magnetosphere and gravitational field. Thus the spherical shape of these magnetically created systems of the Mojhans is dictated by the dynamic magnetic field patterns that they produce, as they use the same principles for lift, motion and habitation as Earth’s magnetic force fields. Therefore the shape of the Mojhans has to be spherical or semi-spherical, so that the magnetic and gravitational fields created by its internal reactor(s) can cover all matters in its catchment zone with an equal strength of gravitational and magnetic fields.

Therefore what our first passengers (Mozhans) of these craft (Mojhans) will see externally when they approach the craft is two domed hemispheres joined in the middle, the bottom one being slightly flatter.


Once you enter, you come into a circular domed arena with an enclosed hemispherical housing in the center. There will be normal aircraft chairs with seatbelts. Walking around the dome of the spacecraft, you will see bedrooms and all facilities as in a normal five-star hotel. High capacity spacecraft will have several decks and will have accommodation and services like luxury cruise ships. In this way the craft will become moving hotels for space cruises (to Moon, Mars) and for vacations on Earth (eg. to Antarctica, Machu Picchu, etc.). This hemispherical housing holds the magnetic and gravitational field (Magravs) reactor of the craft. (In the Mojhans structure, there are no portholes and no propellers for displacement of air for motion, therefore as with the motion of planet Earth, all movements of these craft are created magnetically and internally in respect to other gravitational and magnetic fields in the environment outside the craft.)

Let’s take a walk around the craft. The control room does not need to be in a fixed position within the structure, so it can be anywhere. Everything is controlled through cameras to have a full 360° external and internal view. But you might have a window in the control room to view the outside too. When using these craft for short trips, the seating will be normal craft chairs with seatbelts, as used in an Airbus 380 or Boeing 747. Seats will be arranged in a circular pattern around the craft looking inward, outward or positioned around tables.

In these craft the Mozhans should not feel any difference with what happens outside the craft, as the internal gravitational force field keeps a constant internal force as on Earth. One should not feel the motion of the craft unless it makes a sudden movement, if steps have to been taken suddenly to avoid certain conditions and there is a need to move quickly. Once you have settled in your seats, or as you are walking around the craft, you can drink and eat as normally as on Earth. You will not feel any compression airlock in your ears because there will never be compression in these craft, as its gravitational fields create the conditions you are used to on Earth. Sit down and enjoy the trip as if you are in your easy chair or at a dining table in a five star hotel or a restaurant.

If you have a chance to observe the lift-off through a window or a television channel on board, you will notice initially at the point of take-off, a slight bright light shining around the craft, which will distort the view for a few seconds.

Do not panic as this is normal, this bright light is the result when the magnetic and gravitational fields created by the reactor in the center of the craft mix and interact with Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields, and the residue of this interaction or friction of the four fields is the creation of bright light. It is the entanglement of the fields of the Earth and of the reactor in your craft that leads to the creation of this light. As for your goodbye party on the ground, they will see the same thing as you do from inside as the Mojhans starts taking off.

On your return to Earth you will see the same process, and when entering Earth’s atmosphere on return from the Moon, the entry is smooth as you pass through the atmosphere to the point of landing. These systems do not need to go round in circles several times in order to be correctly aligned to exit Earth or on re-entry. With these craft there is no heating up of the outer structure as the interface between the Earth’s magnetosphere and the craft’s magnetosphere is kept meters away from the body of the craft through the power of the magnetic fields created in the reactor in the center of the dome.