The GANS, the source of plasma never runs out. It never needs replacing, and tiny amounts of it will allow for food production in some of the most arid conditions on earth.

Learn the ways of Plasma, find its applications and uses!

There are many benefits to the Plasma technology use in Agriculture

How it works

Increased productivity

The potential for growing plants, enhancing yields and creating better environments around the plants seems to be immense. With full understanding of how plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe designed a technology that replicates a plant’s leaf for the effective capture of CO2 and other gases in their Nano states (GANS).

Food and fiber production

GANS waters are used to change the field strength environment around a plant, providing either the relevant plasma energy for growth, or stabilizing temperatures, or controlling pests by strengthening the plant. Liquid plasma virtually eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides. 

Soil Fertility management

Plants are 42-45% Carbon, 45% Oxygen, 6% Hydrogen and 0.1-0.6% Nitrogen, (total c.96%), and so we can understand that the C and O plasmatic fields directly interact with and bring balance to most of the primary systems.

Plant and livestock health

The new plasma technology has potential to completely revolutionize agricultural practices, enhance environmental health and healthy living for both producers and consumers, and virtually eliminate external inputs in agricultural systems across the world.

What is the role of Plasma in Food and Agriculture. The knowledge is here. Learn about the Soul of each being, learn about the emotions of the plant. Learn to Give more than you Take!

The Principles Of Plasma
in Food and Agriculture

It Really Works


Step 1 : Get Motivated

Set The Stage

Choosing The Structure On Which You Want To Start Your Experiment

Step 1 : Get Motivated

Step 2 : Add Plasma Fields

Allow The Plasma Fields To Interact

Set Your Plasma Fields Among the Seedlings

Step 3 : Watch It Grow

Less Than A Month Results

Lettuce Is Happily Developing Enjoying Plasmatic Field Interactions

Step 3 : Watch It Grow

Step 4 : Measure the Results

Compare With Your Regular Production

 Plasma Lettuce
 Regular Water Lettuce

Step 5 : Experiment Unlimited Possibilities

Expand Repeat Expand Repeat

Enjoy Yourself Living Every Experiment And Teach Others To Share Your Joy!
And Remember To Respect All Living Being! You Are Giving Life With Every Plant You Grow!

Step 5 : Experiment Unlimited Possibilities

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Happy gardening!